Life Is An Epic Poem

What is life? I define it as everything that happens between our first breath and our last one. Every person is the hero of his/her own life. We set out for a long quest to achieve our fullest potential. The resources we have become our defining catalogues. We strive hard to successfully cross each level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.* We begin by satisfying our food and safety needs and then move towards fulfilling our self-potential and finally our self-transcendence needs. When a child is born, he/she calls for the muses to sing with him/her. I assume that a child’s first cry is a type of song since we don’t know what exactly it means. Despite facing many setbacks and failures, most of us tend to move forward in our journey.  A majority of us tends to destroy evil and promote good. We write our own epic. The end of our story will determine the moral for our children (if we have any) or for the ones who admire us. We become an epitome of success if we manage to achieve our full potential during our lifetime. Our life might as well become a mock epic if someone else prefers to use our story in their journey.

*For more on Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs visit’s_hierarchy_of_needs