Why Is Poetry Difficult?

Poetry is often viewed as a higher level of academics by students and others alike. Students associate poetry with risks in their academic performance. They fear that a course in poetry will pull down their Grade Point Average. The students at this point are making a very wrong assumption. In other words, they are making a wild guess. Poetry is a beautiful form of literature which can be understood quite easily if we put in some effort. It is the best medium to think critically and understand social, cultural, and political realities of the poet’s time. For instance, it must have been extremely difficult for someone to write about his/her views openly in an authoritarian society. Poetry is the best way to protest against something without directly stating it. It is this indirect medium and different style of language that makes students flinch from the word “poetry.” At the same time if we learn to grasp the complexity of poetry, we can analyze almost anything in a much effective and proficient way than we would have otherwise done. Poetry also acts as a medium of truth. It tells us more about a speaker than a biography does. Do study poetry if given a chance next time. Don’t be afraid. It doesn’t bite.