Celebrating Surrey’s Past and Future- Ruab Waraich


A seraphic and pristine allegory in history

Dominated by the mystic aroma of cedars,

With the serene slithering of Fraser in the north

And Serpentine in the south

She has been envied in the past.

Initially guarded by the British

And craved for by the Americans

She flourished.

Bustling with life

And rich with sprinkling of flora and fauna,

Her story began,

Knitted by the Europeans.

Semiahmoo and Kwantlen First Nations

Credited as the first inhabitants,

Through Fleetwood, through Whalley

Within Guildford, within Newton

And through Cloverdale and South

She is felt everywhere.

Nature is her majestic pride,

And through every movement

She strengthens her glide.

Today she is a wonder

Enjoying her joyous ride,

Tomorrow awaits a future

Stronger that the ferocious tide,

She is growing

Adorned as a gorgeous bride,

She is a living dream

Home to innovation and creativity,

Gracefully clearing

The obstacles that pull her back.

What a classic example she is;

Penned down

In the fragrance of history

She is my home, your home

More precisely

She is our home.

And people like to call her


 Note: This poem is written specifically for the city of Surrey in British Columbia, Canada.