Waves: Poetic Or Not?

Poetry is the expression of intense feelings and ideas by using distinctive style and rhythm.* The ocean waves are manifestation of the moon’s intense feelings. The question here is “Does the moon have feelings?” Let’s assume that it does since we both don’t have any correct answer for this. The feelings of the moon take a concrete and tangible form which is demonstrated through waves. The waves are beautiful and so is poetry. The moon is not the speaker of the wave poetry. It is a persona. Although the moon is the driving force behind the ocean’s feelings that controls the intensity of the waves, it is the ocean that is the speaker of the wave poetry. It hooks the reader by projecting the waves in a stylistic fashion. The waves also display elements of stasis. They start from ebb and move towards flow and then back again thereby constantly following the moon’s rotation cycle.+ The waves have a rhythm and they appear to splash in a somewhat similar manner. This form of waves can be juxtaposed with human life. Our life goes in stasis just like the waves. It has its own ebb and flow. We are sad at one point and happy the next.

*This is how Google defines it. I deliberately did not include the literature part to make the definition fit into my analysis.

+I don’t know what comes first. Is it ebb or flow?

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