Aesthetic divinity~ruab waraich

Beauty,the eternal essence of aesthetic

diving every moment

into the hearts of the beholder,

grinding every sorrow

into the serene dawn of morrow

From dusk to dawn 

shall time teach us

as to how every moment

so profound,so pure

can mar the disguise 

of the treacherous lament,

perhaps the flowers,the trees,

the birds and the natural

with an innocence so pristine

can ignite the newfangled 

in the atoms of every gene

Peculiarity hits hard

as to how many a gene

fail to engulf 

the aesthetic sense of the serene……..

(P.S.  When it comes to writing about beauty,

I just love John Keats.)

Console~ruab waraich

words hurtThe world seems so not right

when those gruesome words

hit the might

Consoling rays pouring from the sun

with gusty winds

trying to attenuate the human plight

Why O Why are humans so treacherous

making their race 

all the more unfair

O! Holy Providence

pour thy potion of forgiveness

into the souls 

of these humble and yet not so humble creatures

for thine is the might 

that can shake this world

to make it seem so much more right……

(Note: WORDS HURT..)

“Nature hath the beauty I admire most

Hope the demons don’t maketh it lost”.~ruab waraich

“Be like the foxfire 

that mystifies the world with it’s dazzling 

luminescence”. ~ruab waraich         

“Give challenges the topmost priority

and it won’t be long till you are given the highest

authority”.~ruab waraich

Quotations~ruab waraich