A Call~ruab waraich

woman_sitting_alone_on_a_bench-t2Basking in the sun

I come to think of a world

that hath violated 

the fluency of my word

The temple as they call it

hath today trembled me

to the core

My heart,my soul 

and I don’t know what more

have given a call;

O! Holy Providence

Lift me in your arms

for I am too weak 

to endure the bludgeonings 

of a world that creeps

My Lord!

Today I feel low

tomorrow perhaps even lower

but the day after

shall only lead to PLAY OVER

Keep my role on stage small 

or give me strength of divine

to devour it all…

Note: a personal memory….Harsh one:(

Who I am~ruab waraich

I am 

an old woman (to her son)

shrunk amid-st the world’s tide

a victim of your wife’s vicious side

crawling upon a memorable ride

Not because I committed any sin

It’s a reward I get

for raising you with much grin….

I am

a young lady (to her husband)

Gliding upon the life’s joyous ride

much like a jewelled bride

Darkened nights force me to hide

Not because I am considered weak

It’s because I want you,my dear

to first climb that high peak

just to make sure

the world does not end up

seeing you as meek…

I am

a little girl (to the world)

Some call me father’s pride

others prefer it to foeticide

still others try to exterminate me 

in the form of genocide

And yet after all this

I hardly complain

not because I am seen

as a weaker gene


Because someone high up there

did not want you to perish or doom

that is the reason why I flourish

And sometimes give you a jolt

with a high sounding boom

If confusion still persists

sign up to that someone

and He will brief you

with the title of 


(NOTE:Stop female foeticide and never ever try to underestimate the power of a GIRL…..)

May peace hail upon the BIG WORLD……

P.S.  I am thankful and highly grateful indeed to the women before me who fought for my rights..

Dated:November 28,2012

Lend your hand~ruab waraich

Tears trickle down her cheeks

like glistening diamonds

lowering down the peak

What shall she do

my dear Lord

For indeed she feels

highly suppressed

Solace is the word 

she so desires

For in thy company 

lies the cure

for the oppressed

Give her strength lord

Give her strength

She has yet to go miles

On which lie

thousand prickly thorns……………………..

(In response to the torture and sufferings that women underwent and are going through because of the demonic minds of some people)



Dated-May 25,2012

Invincible man~ruab waraich

20,000 civilians dead in one stroke……………..

The tearing pang 

And sorrowful cries

of widowed women

hitherto mothers

of heroic souls

and millions homeless

in this deafening silence

echoes through

the drifting particles

of endless and yet

thorny memories

Those days

spent much under

the chirping silence

of this planet

with the sound 

of cannon balls

shaking the entire flesh 

just to make you question

the sanity 

of your being

Etched upon

the witnessing hearts

is an imprint

entirely suppressing

only to be

reinforced by 

the demonic thoughts

of the present minds

And yet the climax 

of these horrific deeds

and so-called moral

of the darkened memories

conveys a similar message:

Man will fight

and kill another

He might become a victim

of the dooming silence

He can be destroyed


His soul does not give in 

and can never be defeated

He is at large 



The Streak rises~ruab waraich

ImageFrom the dust and filth
so much more downtrodden
with the never ending silt
Amidst the monotonous routine
in the only fateful
company of vagabonds
shall one among many
rise like the unafraid
creations of nature
only to drain out
the wretchedness
of the morons
And wash out the stigmas
of unlawful existence
Words from this streak
shall come out
as clear and sharp
just like the sword out of its sheath:
Today here I stand
As stiff as the rocks of Gibraltar
Not because I was made to
Because I dreamt to

Dated-April 27,2012

Wanderer’s appeal~ruab waraich

Wandering in solace

On the serene shores 

Of the sea

Away from the taints 

Of the human world

Comes a wanderer

Lost in the seraphic beauty

Of mesmerizing nature

The wanderer rests his appeal in front of The Gods:

O!Holy Providence 

Thou art the master of all joy

Thou art the solace 

Which this wanderer hath oft’

failed to identify

Thou art the possessor 

of the mightiest might

Who hath the power 

to punish unbeknownst us

And Thou art the owner

of this world

Who giveth us no right 

to mar the purity of His asset

My Lord!

Pour thy potion of forgivenss

Into these humble and yet

not so humble creatures

For ’tis in thy hands

where alll the world rests……………………..

Drenched by the huge waves of the sea or say soaked in the mystifying aroma of thoughts

The wanderer returns to his new and unknown world………………